📣 Dash Callbacks documentation improvements (including clientside examples!)

Hi all!

We’ve recently made some changes to the documentation – callbacks now have an entire section in the docs, which reflects how important they are to understanding and working with Dash!

We now have a page dedicated to clientside callbacks, complete with two examples that show you how to use clientside callbacks in your apps.

We’ve also moved some things around:

  • the callback-related “gotchas” have been moved out of the FAQs into their own page within the Callbacks section
  • PreventUpdate, no_update(), and the memoization section from the Performance page have been moved to the “Advanced Callbacks” page
  • State has been moved from the “More about callbacks” part of the Dash tutorial to the “Basic Callbacks” page

We hope that these changes are helpful for everyone who is using Dash, and we’d love to hear your feedback!

Hope all of you are staying safe!



Great work. Clear and relevant use-case.

Note that some of the examples from the original PR are also interesting – https://github.com/plotly/dash-renderer/pull/142. Maybe they can be reworked into that page?

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