Dash antd treeview - applying CSS style at "N"th nodes

hi ! I really need your help !!

I made a treeview through “from dash_treeview_antd import TreeView”

it worked perfectly. However I want to apply styling css at a specific nodes group. (in my data, 5th nodes group)

please !!!

my input treeview data format is like below,
mytree = {‘title’: ‘TITLE NAME’,
‘key’: ‘0’,
‘children’: [

It is based on this data format

‘title’: ‘Parent’,
‘key’: ‘0’,
‘children’: [{
‘title’: ‘Child’,
‘key’: ‘0-0’,
‘children’: [
{‘title’: ‘Subchild1’, ‘key’: ‘0-0-1’},
{‘title’: ‘Subchild2’, ‘key’: ‘0-0-2’},
{‘title’: ‘Subchild3’, ‘key’: ‘0-0-3’},
------- from this git page : dash-treeview-antd/usage.py at master · kapot65/dash-treeview-antd · GitHub

Hi, Have you find a solution ? I have the same problem