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Custom Modebar Button in Dash

Is it possible to create custom modebar buttons for graphs in Dash?

For example, what is the equivalent Dash implementation of this: https://codepen.io/ifland/pen/RLEogK

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This is not possible right now. You can see how the Graph component is calling the plotly.js methods here: https://github.com/plotly/dash-core-components/blob/b7f776f4aa15be3dae160a4df7b011a4eaa7f425/src/components/Graph.react.js#L66-L78

The rest of the modebar config options are outlined in this forum post: Is it possible to hide the floating toolbar?

I am also interested in custom toolbar button, or more precisely, in changing the behaviour of the default “save to png” button, to override height/width so that produced images are high-dpi and can be inserted into slides: https://codepen.io/volodymyrk/pen/EbqLYK
However, javascript complains about missing “click” binding. I guess we have to wait for dash support of this plotly.js feature.


I’m also interested in this. @chriddyp is it available now?

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Is it possible to use an extern JS file using plotly associated to Dash application??