Ctx.triggered not capturing click on Map points (plotted with lat/lon data)

i am facing issue with ctx.triggered value. I have a callback which can be triggered if any of my 3 dropdowns are clicked or the points on scattermapbox graph is clicked. I execute the logic based on which control caused the callback to trigger and i check this by this code:

if ctx.triggered:
control_id = ctx.triggered[0][‘prop_id’].split(’.’)[0]

The code works alright for all drop downs and control_id is appropriately updated. However for scattermapbox the control_id sometimes is correctly updated with the id of the scattermapboxgraph but at times it doesn’t get updated at all no matter how many times the points on graph are clicked. I have to reset the application for it to work again. This is a very bizarre problem and i can’t understand how can get over this? Please someone can help.

I did some debugging into this to figure out exactly where the error is happening and found that my call back is triggering sometimes when i click on a point on scattermapbox and sometimes the callback doesnt trigger at all and so the control_id is not getting updated. However my issue still remain unsolved. Now the issue to brainstorm is that why my callback is functioning right at sometimes and its not triggering at all at times. Could it have something to do with internet speed???