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CSV error "downloading or parsing this URL"


I am trying to import data with the import button to read CSV files by URL. It does not work for any csv files excepts the sample plotly shows. I mean:


Please help me. Thanks…

Ruben Cabrera

Hi there,
At this point url uploads must be hosted on https rather than http. Thank you for raising this issue, we will work on making this error message more clear.

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Hi, I am having a similar issue with the parsing error but am using an HTTPS: site and it will still not import. Any ideas on this? It is a simple CSV file that I can import to plotly in other ways…

Is it possible the security certificate on our site is not good?


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I get the same error, with an https URL. Could it be something else?

I had not seen this for a while. I am still not sure what is wrong and I wonder if there is something about the security certificate

So I think I figured out why not all HTPPS sites are readable by Plotly. I tried putting a file on a google drive and put it in as a read only publicly available file. Plotly could not read the file and gave the error. If I marked the file as editable by anyone then it would read the file. It is unclear to me why reading a CSV file from an HTTPS site requires edit privileges. I thought Plotly was the solution to many of my issues but alas it wont work for what I need now. Bill