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Creating Plotly Folders a Paid Feature?

I created my free plotly account a couple of years about and haven’t used it recente\ly. I have three folders under my Home folder, but now when I try to create a new folder I get an error message.

“Sorry, the subscription associated with your account prevents you from creating a private file. Upgrade your account at

Has creating folders become a feature only accessible from paid subscriptions?

Hi there,
Yes, folder creation is now a tiered feature.

It would be really great if you could mention this somewhere – all of your pandas documentation suggests saving to the folder pandas/blah, and that mysteriously fails with an error saying you can’t make any more folders.

Pretty much everywhere I read said that you could do unlimited public things in a free account, so it’s taken me far too long to work out what the actual problem was.


Hi there,

The pricing / accounts page outlines limitations of a free account. That being said, feel free to let us know where you read:

Pretty much everywhere I read said that you could do unlimited public things in a free account

and we’ll be happy to edit that page to provide more accurate information.

That’s a good point about the documentation and we likely will edit that so they can be easily run by all users, however the error message shown should be helpful:

PlotlyError: Error: One or more folders cannot be saved. You have reached the limit of the number of folders you can create with your subscription. If you would like to create more folders, please upgrade your account at```

Feel free to let us know if you have suggestions on improving that error message to better understand the issue you ran into.