Creating a Dropdown of Modals?

Hello everyone,

The title is pretty straightforward to what I am trying to accomplish: creating a dropdown menu of buttons with each button being a modal.

Is this possible?

hi @hrose33
One way that I’m thinking you can go about this is to have a list of dropdown options such as: modal1, modal2, modal3, etc.
Then, when user clicks on one of the options (say modal2), a button2 is displayed in the html.Div() located in the layout.

That sounds like a good idea! I was trying to make a modal with 30+ input boxes look cleaner by separating it into 3 different modals, however I chose to create tabs within a single modal.

Side note: there is quite a difference between how the bootstrap modal handles components compared to how the ddk modal handles components. Ddk modal doesn’t seem to like what I was doing and just kept overlapping my rows of components on each other. Dbc modal works fine but doesn’t look as clean.