Create Secondary Graph or plot from existing data

Is it possible to create an additional plot from a number of streamed values?

ie/ Lets say I am streaming the temperature from 5 different rooms and plot them against time and I want to plot a 6th temperature, the average on the same graph. Can this be defined in, or would the device sending the data need to calculate this value and stream it as an additional value? (The reason for the question is that if previous data in the graph can be used, then these additional values can be generated after the data has been captured ie/ adding 2 values of average temperature, sy for upstairs or downstairs.

Along the same lines, can data in an already streamed plot be used to create a new plot. For example, streaming rainfall on a per minute basis and from that data creating a per day plot, from the daily a weekly, etc, but the point is that these additional plots can use existing data, without streaming additional data.



(1) Isn’t possible, though it would be great if you could define a trace as the average (or another calculation) of other traces. Its a great idea.

(2) Is technically possible. First, you’d have to write your data to a plotly grid through the API:

Plotly plots you create afterwards would reference the grid object:

You would create the plot(s) only once, and update the data by appending to the original grid object.

I was able to view my streaming plot via the View Data button, which created a new Grid, to which I can add a new column, to which I assign a function ie/ Average, X+Y, etc. But at that point the grid becomes an in-time copy of my streaming data (so I may need to experiment with the API’s to append my data to the grid instead.

What I am finding however, is that once I create a new plot from this new Grid, it again doesn’t update when the data in the grid updates. I suspect I am doing something wrong?



Hi Albert, you have to save the grid first, then create the plot for the data in the plot to update. Let me know if this still doesn’t work! We’re working on improving this workflow so grids and data update simultaneously - sorry for the hassle!