Create electrical diagrams

Crazy question. Is there at least a remote possibility to create electrical diagrams using the product?


Not easily. But really anything is possible using layout shapes.

Yes, I understand that Plotly (D3) have no limitations. But without some kind of a framework I dont know where to start.

Are you referring to electrical schematic diagrams like the ones shown here? I would say that those have a lot more in common with “drawing” than “plotting”. In other words, they are not visualizations of numeric data like points, curves, surfaces, etc. so I don’t think a charting/plotting/graphing library like plotly.js is the right abstraction for what you’re trying to do.

It looks like someone has done something similar to what you’re trying to do in Python, so you might want to look at how they did that to get some ideas.

You could also look at some of the source code for open source EDA tools like KiCAD, though I would expect that to be much more challenging unless you’re familiar with the language and frameworks they use.

I see, thanks for the detailed reply. I think the Python based solution is promising.