Create dataframe from information received in URL

I have a unique client id that I’m getting in my URL from another service. I’m using dcc.Location to extract that information.

I’m using this client id to extract information about that user from another source that I want to store in a pandas DataFrame.

And then this DataFrame is used to generate graphs and other plotly objects.

What is the most optimal way (in terms of efficiency ) to go about doing this ?

It´s difficult to say what is the most optimal efficient way, at list share your inefficient way to see if there is a better one. :thinking:

The most efficient would be to store the dataframe on the server and use the client key to locate/access the data.

I have a callback that extract part of an url that is my clientId, and then get relevant files from the cloud to output the dataframe in the cloud

        Output('df-values', 'data'),
        Input('url', 'pathname'))
    def client_id(pathname):
          '''some code to get the data in the cloud'''