Create a table/box that can display the data


How to create a table/box/chart like the picture shown?



Product Sale
Minor 1 1,000.00
Minor 2 500.00
Minor 3 2,000.00
Total 3,500.00

The line of color (eg: green in Minor 1) is the sale of each product divided by the total sale (1000 / 3500).

Can create something like this in plotly?

Maybe the last example here gives you some inspiration:

Thanks @AIMPED for the advise.

But how can I expand the background to the maximum so can fully display the amount?
And also how to add the currency such as MYR in front of each text? (eg: MYR 560.00)?

fig =, x=‘Sale’, y=‘Product’, title=‘Pie-Bar’ ,orientation=‘h’ ,text=‘Sale’, text_auto=‘.2f’)