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Connector failed to connect to Ms SQL server

I downloaded the connector and tried to connect to our database using admin credentials. I checked port was set to 1433 and it is. I tried my hostname and my SQL server name for the host but no luck. What am I doing wrong ?

Can you provide some error message or something to give us a bit more of an idea on what is happening?


The error I get is

“Failed to connect to :1433 in 15000ms”

Just checked SQL log file.

“Failed to open the explicitly specified database: error 18456 severity 14
state 38”

I just found a similar question online that had been resolved, take a look at this and see if you can get a result:

Hrmm. I’m not sure exactly what’s he saying but I’ll dig into this a little
bit more. I’m running the app from Windows server 2008 r2. Would this
impact anything ?

Thanks for reporting @gately! I’m on of the maintainers of the connector.

Are you able to connect to the server from your computer using a different program? A timeout issue like this usually indicates that there is some firewall or networking issue where your computer doesn’t have access to the MySQL server. Could that be the case in your scenario?

Hi All, I am having same issue and below is the message.

How can I solve the issue?