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Commit changes to SQLite database inside Heroku

I’ve deployed a Dashapp that connects to a SQLite database with Heroku, and the database is inside git, as well as all the other files. There is a query run by the app that deletes a record and then commits the action, and it seems to be working fine: when I delete something, close the site and afterwards check the database, the record was in fact deleted. Also tested in another computer, deleted a record there and checked in my computer and it was also deleted.

However, after 15 to 20 minutes, the deleted records shows up again in my application. Is that because the database file hasn’t been saved? How to ensure that it saves or how to commit changes in a database query running inside git?


I think this is because storage on Heroku is ‘ephemeral’:


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I’m using Heroku’s own Postgres server. It’s working fine now, thanks!