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Click data for tooltips on other figures

I have a page layout consisting of several figures. Some of the figures consists of subplots, but others are independent.

I know there is a clickData callback, however, is it possible to have the tooltips appear on the other plots at the same X or Y location?
For example, if all the plots on the page have a datetime axis, I would want one click on a plot to show a tooltip/hover tag on all the other figures on the same datetime.

I’ve been looking through the gallery but can’t seem to find this example. Any help would be appreciated.

not yet, but it’s a great idea!

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Thank you for the feedback.
In the meantime, I am setting up callbacks so that a click will draw a vertical or horizontal line on the other figures using the same X axis location. This will help bring attention to the other plots based on where the user is clicking.

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yeah that’s a good idea. you could also add your own text annotations.