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Choropleth Tile Map and JSON format


I’m trying to create Choropleth Tile Map (in Chart Studio) with regions of a country (Serbia), something like But, Chart Studio doesn’t accept my GeoJSON file (which works well in some other softwares). So, is there any particular format of JSON file which I have to follow and, generally, how I can create the map from the example I have suggested?

Thanks in advance!


Hello, and welcome to Plotly’s community forum! I would like to help you debug your issue.

Is it possible for you to share the geojson file you are working with and a link to your chart? That will make it easier to try to understand why you are having problems.

Dear Joseph, thank you very much for your message.

I somehow resolved the problem of geojson file (I simply change its extension from geojson to json), but I have two new issues:

  • First, I get too large file (screenshot attached) to be saved and shared (although it’s quite simple map) - is there any way easily resolve this problem (without subscription :slight_smile: )
  • Second, how I can set a data from the column (from data table) as a text for hover/tooltip - I guess I should use Mode: Template, and in the Rich text box somehow recall data column, but I don’t know how.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Zoran Kalinic