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Change table State data through a callback?

In my app I’m changing table values based on GIS data selected earlier in the application process. The updated values are read from a JSON file.

I can successfully change the table data with the callback below but it is not changing the State of the data. I can tell because I have another callback that later reads ine table States and prints the data to a JSON file.

If I manually edit the editable table then the State changes and I can see this with the JSON output file.

How do I change the State 'data’

    [Output(weather_table_id, 'data'),
    Output(tds_table_id, 'data')],
    [Input('initialize', 'children')],
def update_map_variables(z, weather_tbl, tds_tbl):
    Update tables with variables passed in from the map.
    Necessary because data was initially loaded before 
    variables were chosen in the GIS-map part of the app.
    Over-writes table values when the model parameters 
    page loads on the users screen.
    map_dict = helpers.json_load(cfg.map_json)
    weather_file = map_dict.get('file_name')
    tds_value = map_dict.get('FeedC_r')
    #indexes were calculated earlier in the code
    if weather_file:
    if tds_value:
    return (weather_tbl,tds_tbl)

Update: OK so with more thought I realized it’s not the State ‘data’ but the State ‘data_timestamp’ which doesn’t change. I use the timestamp to determine whether the data in a table has changed. How can one update State ‘data_timestamp’?