Change decimal separator from a point to a comma via region settings of Windows

I am using the version 2.16.3 of Plotly for a vital sign diagram. Unfortunately due to different regions, the decimal separator is not always the same. When in the region settings of Windows a point is defined as a decimal separator, all works fine, but if I change it to a comma, I receive following error:

 Unexpected call to method or property access

When I have a look at the line where this happens, I have following code:

 testNode = node.cloneNode(true);

The code snipped above belongs to following code “package”:

var testNode, tester;
    if(inTester) {
        testNode = node;
    } else {
        tester = drawing.tester.node();

        // copy the node to test into the tester
        testNode = node.cloneNode(true);

I also have to mention that the code is interpreted in internet explorer version 11.

Does anybody also had a similiar error like this? How can this be solved?