Change button labels of dash table

Hello everyone,

I’m creating a dash table that contains more than 1000 rows, so I set paging to be done automatically by dash. I’m wondering, is it possible to change the text of the buttons “next” and “previous” generated by dash? I would like them to be “próximo” and “anterior”, which are Portuguese translations.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome @mateus!

That’s a good point, and you are not the only one to ask about this - we have an open issue and a proposed fix to just replace the words with < and > so we don’t need to worry about language at all That said, though this may be the most visible instance of English it’s not the only one: a few more in the table, also datepickers, graph controls (plotly.js has a localization framework already, but it could be better integrated with Dash)… part of our hesitation about putting in a solution for next/previous is that we don’t want to end up with 100 different places you need to supply translations, when we add this feature it should have a single entry point like it does in plotly.js

Thanks for your reply! I understand your point and hope this PR gets accepted soon.

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