Chained callbacks - passing a variable

I have a series of three chained callbacks. In the first callback the user enters last name, id and date of birth. As long as these are valid, the second callback is called with the three data entry items as inputs. The second callback gets an account number and balance information through a sql query. I want to pass the account number to the third callback so that I can get details on all of the transactions in the account. No matter how I try and do this I keep getting an error message:
‘A nonexistent object was used in an Input of a Dash callback. The id of this object is account_number and the property is value. The string ids in the current layout are: [url, page-1-link, page-2-link, page-3-link, page-4-link, page-5-link, page-6-link, page-7-link, page-content, client_lname, client_tin, client_dob, login_button, is_client, client_detail]’

How can I get this done?

Thanks in advance.

I’d have to see an example of the code to make a proper suggestion. However, if you’re assigning callbacks to components that are not yet available, you could try setting suppress_callback_exceptions=True.


app = dash.Dash(__name__, suppress_callback_exceptions=True)

You can send the account number to a intermediate storage (using display “none”) and then call it as an input.

html.Div(id=‘Account Number’, style={‘display’: ‘none’}),

the second callback output is: Output(‘Account Number’, ‘value’),

Tird callback input is: [Input(‘Account Number’, ‘value’),