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Can't color based on column value

I have a very simple query that I want to visualize, but even if I select X=date, Y=c, and color by ‘host’, I can’t produce a plot with the expected 3 colors. The documentation shows an older version with a more intuitive interface (dragging columns to axes), but it is very different here. I am using SQLite, but I assume the backend shouldn’t matter for charting capabilities?

This is possible, but you need to ensure the the column use for colouring is numeric or it can be interpreted as a colour.

For example:

Note that you can also have a text to be displayed on hover.

One more thing, the approach using text to setup onHover labels would benefit from setting hovermode to closest. Currently, this can be done by enabling Style > Layout > Canvas > Hover Interaction.

More support will be provided after is released.