Cannot turn off "Edit in Chart Studio" button for quiver plots


I’m having trouble disabling the “Edit in Chart Studio” option for my quiver plots. As far as I can tell, I am using the correct syntax because it works for most other charts, although it is possible I missed something.

Can anybody see an error on my part, or possibly have a workaround? I need to disable the button since I don’t want my users accidentally sending data to an external server without knowing (my organization has pretty strict rules about sending data without going through proper processes).

Here is my Graph definition code (with some random data):

    id = 'wind_vec_graph',
    figure = {
        'data': ff.create_quiver(x, y, u1, v1),
    config = {
        'modeBarButtonsToRemove' : ['sendDataToCloud'],

And here’s the result from that: