Can I replace values with TEXT ICONS in dbc.Card

I have a dictionary with values [-1,0,1]

How can I replace values with icons ( symbols ) in dbc.card like the following
Not specific to these icons but can be any that generates from TEXT ICONS ( not images )

HI @yogi_dhiman ,

this might be interesting:

Very Interesting AIMPED … Can i get something like the following too ???

I have a class of Movies ( & want to display add on features it carry Rating ( A+) , Trend ( UP)
may be would like to add or change display features per requirement maybe Price ($30) … Is it possible to create Icon like this

Hi @yogi_dhiman

You might find this post helpful:

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Hi @nakaru87 welcome to the forums.

I don`t see, how this is related @yogi_dhiman’s question. If you require help with your code, plase start a new topic.

Please have a read here also:

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Hi Ann

Any other source of icons I can use with iconify ; I am looking for some financial icons

@yogi_dhiman has the largest free open source icon set I know of.

There are others, including paid versions - like Font Awesome Pro with more icons. You can add icons by including the stylesheet in your app. For example:

fontawseome = ""

app = Dash(__name__, external_stylesheet=[fontawesome]

@yogi_dhiman May I know which type of icons you are looking for and cannot find in iconify?

hmm… okay lets say
signs of
bull market , bearish market , single candle stick , buy a stock , sell a stock etc

please check following images

In short a library that’s dedicated to Stock Market Jargon ( searching this in site just give few icons )

Is it possible to use iconify icons on scatter plot instead of symbols ?