Can I ask a zoom/drag issue of column chart

Hello All,

I’m new to use this and would like to ask a question.

Our project integrated the plotly graphic with the column chart, but when zoom+ or drag the chart, it will be out of bound of the XAxis, is there any config can solve this?

attach my config and snapshot

“font”: {
“size”: 12
“margin”: {
“r”: 0,
“t”: 30
“yaxis”: {
“range”: [0, 1000],
“tick0”: 0,
“dtick”: 100,
“fixedrange”: false
“legend”: {
“orientation”: “h”,
“y”: -0.2


I don’t quite understand. Which part out of the bound?

Hi stu,

I set a bottom line to clear this , you see , the chart break out the bottom line if i drap down or zoom+ .

I’m not sure if this is a bug. Could you provide an MRE? The description of your environment as well. That will make it easier for others to help you debug.