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Can anyone confirm MS Active Directory can be used for Dash authentication?

Can anyone confirm that a Dash on-premise site can use Microsoft Active Directory groups for authentication and authorization? If so, is done via the Flask oAuth plug-in?

Yes - Plotly On-Premise can be configured to use Microsoft Active Directory for creating user accounts. Dash uses the dash-auth package to authenticate users. Users and permissions can be bound to different apps inside the Plotly On-Premise web interface.

If you have other questions about this, feel free to reach out directly to the Plotly On-Premise team.

Chris – Thank You very much for this information. Can you tell me if
Dash-auth can be integrated with Flask-Principal or some other component to
implement a fine-grained role-based access control?

It is not implemented right now, however this will be a feature available in the licensed version of Plotly On-Premise