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Callbacks not working after "resuming" from idle/non-visible page

I’m finding that, when I have a Dash page up, minimize the window for a while (say, 10 minutes), then bring it back to the foreground and start changing options (dropdowns, specifically in this case), I see the events firing in the log, but the output targets (graphs, url search) aren’t actually updating with the changed values.

I can replicate this in both Chrome and Safari on mac, and in Dash versions from 0.23.1 (our current pinned version) through the current release version as of today (0.28.5).

Anyone run across this issue, and possibly have some suggestions for how to deal with it?

Are you using a dcc.Interval? There is this issue: https://github.com/plotly/dash-core-components/issues/208

Sorry, meant to come back and update. Turns out after some more digging it was my own fault. I’m using flask-caching and had the memoization on one key piece of session setting data set to expire after 5 minutes rather than persisting that entry longer. Extended that out and now everything is swimming along. Go figure.