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Calculating New Columns

I’d like to take a column and enter a formula so it calculates a new column in 2.0. Can not seem to find it. Can it still be done in 2.0?

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Did you find out in the meantime? I have the same question.

Not in 2.0 still. If you’re a Pro user, you can switch back to a legacy version (1.0).

When trying to switch to 1.0 the message says: “With the exception of “Group By” plotting, everything that you could do in Plotly 1 is also available in Plotly 2 (plus much, much more!)”

Could it be that Plotly dropped the feature or forgot migrating it? Would be good if there was some information from Plotly about this and the estimated timeline -> important to decide whether to use Plotly or another tool.