Bug with shapes on scattersmith trace

I have been using shapes to plot arbitrarily located “cursors” or indicators on my plots. However, when I try the same on a scattersmith trace, where coordinates are normalized Smith impedances, my data points work fine, but my shapes do not.

If I have a trace point at 0.2, 0.2 and then attempt to put a 10 pixel shape with xanchor = 0.2 and yanchor = 0.2, the shape will not be drawn at 0.2, 0.2 it will be at some other scaled location. I say scaled, because it’s not a fixed offset.

It seems as though the shapes layer doesn’t respect the Smith coordinates, but I can’t figure out the translation.

I think I just discovered an issue while creating a CodePen. It seems that the shapes are interpreted according to a separate scatter or Cartesian plot, as the CodePen draws a separate set of axes to plot the shapes.

This is the shape I want to draw on a Smith plot. It seems I can’t draw a shape on a Smith plot using normalized Smith coordinates?