Box plot from array with redundant keys

Dear all,
This is my first question, so bear with mistakes.
I am trying to plot arrays suppose y vs x.

var x= [“1”, “1”, “2”, “3”, “3”, “4”];
var y= [“100”, “150”, “300”, “400”, "50, “120”];

The plot looks similar to this if I plot simply:

But I want boxplot for each value of repeating x i.e. 100,150 for 1 as box and so on.
It may look like this
The power and exponential fit (plotly can not do this but external script is needed. Is it possible in javascript itself)?
Thanks in advance.


Yes. For example:

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Thanks @etienne ,
The box plots when put as two traces like simple scatter gave what I wanted for two series i.e. pink and cyan.
I could not get regression-js to run, working on it.

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