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Better online documentation for Plotly

Current reference for Plotly is very hard to browse through. For using imperative model I often need to see which methods are available, what are the parameters etc. Using the reference page is very cumbersome. I’ve seen the advice of using help(obj) but this produces massive amount of text. For example, to understand things available in FigureWidget, I was forced to copy massive amount of text in Google doc and then try to search in it which is very time consuming.

It is great that there is so much documentation available for Plotly. I think the last mile is simply to use good documentation generator like Sphinx. I alternatively also found below site which is slightly more useful. It might be good idea to link this from plotly website as temporary measure.

Plotly docs on Kite

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This is a very valuable suggestion. Even I find it difficult to refer to documentation. Would love to see kite recommendation in my vscode. That would boost productivity manifold.