Autotabbing between fields

I’m trying to move the focus to the next input field when they reach their max length.
(I’ve heard this called ‘autotabbing’ elsewhere on various stackoverflow pages.)

I’m using dash-bootstrap-components, but I assume that will not really change the answer.

The input fields are generated with

                    # dbc.Col(dbc.Input(placeholder='A',
                    dbc.Col(dbc.Input(type='text', maxlength=1, value='')) for i in range(5)

So far I’ve tried ading some js plugins, and a fruitless attempt at using a jQuery package before reading that jQuery doesn’t play nicely with React.

Is there a python / dash solution here?

Or some kind of external thing I can use here?

(I’m a real javascript novice, so dont really know how I’d go about writing the functions for that)