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Arduino streaming API not working

Hi everyone!

I have been using the Arduino streaming API on a Particle Photon for a few months now, but since about 5 days ago the API seems not to work anymore. I’ve tried to investigate the issue and found that the domain does not resolve to an IP address anymore.

Are there any plans to update the arduino streaming library for API v2?

Thank you,

Are there any plans to update the arduino streaming library for API v2?

Probably not in the near future, unless a company financially sponsored this work.

I see, thank you for the response.

Will the current streaming api ( also be taken down in the near future?

I’m thinking of updating the arduino library myself to stream directly to, but I’m not sure how to make plotly display the streaming data on a time-based X axis. Any thoughts on this?


Cool! The streaming API isn’t going anywhere and will remain a free
service. Lots of people are writing their own IoT libraries for it.

Hi…in my case I don’t know how to check if a library uses certain terms and wether those successfully execute. But I’m pretty sure the problem is memory, because the parsing works well for smaller JSON answers.So I came up with a PHP Script that runs on my own web space and that does the parsing of the long JSON strings, calculates the value I need and returns it as a very compact JSON answer. My Arduino now only fetches this and everything is fine.