Animate move along x axis

I have a plotly that I want to animate by moving traces along the x axis. It’s similar to this codepen:

which adds an offset value to each point in the curve:

[trace[0]+x, trace[1]+x, trace[2]+x, trace[3]+x, trace[4]+x]

except that I have a couple thousand points in many traces, making it slow to compute all new x’s.
Is there a way to animate so that I can move a whole trace in bulk, w/o having to apply an offset to each point in the curve?

I’d recommend computing frames beforehand and making your button animate between named frames.

See for more info.

Thanks for the response, @etienne, but it does not look really feasible that way. We’ll need at least 4 animation positions, each w/ ~50 curves, each curve ~1500 points in the X axis, which translates into ~300k add computations. The app will take a hit in client wait time. I need something more straight, the plots are all already computed, all I need is fiddling w their offset. Thanks again anyway.

That doesn’t sound like a big enough number to cause issues. Maybe you’re misunderstanding what I meant by precomputing frames. Here’s an example:

I did understand the precompute w/ frames. 300 thousand still sounds like a lot to me, but I’ll give it a try, thanks!