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Analysis changes + error bars


I use for very simple analyses. I used to enter a data set, have compute the mean and standard error, then use the error bars trace type to enter custom error bars based on the standard error. These options appear to be unavailable in the new update of Am I missing something or are these gone for good?


The error bar functionality has been folded in to the scatter, line and bar traces and is available under the Style/Traces panel.

The calculation of errors was indeed removed and we may add it back as time permits, but at the moment I would recommend doing this in Python or R outside of Chart Studio.


Hi all,

I am a teacher who has been using the Chart Studio for a while as an easy way for my Physics students to graph and analyze lab data. There really isn’t much else on the web that does this well.

We mainly use the R2 values and the curve fitting. It was disappointing to see that this was removed in the update. I also would have students use the check box to display their function on the graph for quadratic and linear functions.

It would be wonderful if you could add back in those two functions (display equation and R2 value) as you make edits on the new update!

Thanks for all you do!
Ms. G

Hi Nicholas,

My apologies, I meant to reply to your post, but I would love if you could check out my reply below.

Thank you!
Ms. G

Thank you for your feedback! A few people have mentioned this so it’s creeping up on our priority list :slight_smile:

We also use this for student analysis of data. For example, we ask students to curve fit enzyme kinetics data to the michaelis menten equation to get kinetic parameters, and then compare these parameters plus and minus an inhibitor. Without standard errors on the curve fits, its hard to have them make meaningful comparisons. Is this likely to be re-implemented anytime soon (and why was it removed?). If not, we’ll have to find an alternative program to use.

We’ve still not had a chance to prioritize this work and I’m not able to commit to a time frame at the moment unfortunately. To answer your question “why was it removed?”, the short answer is that we removed the entire editor user interface and replaced it with one which is more maintainable and has fewer bugs, so every feature in the current interface was reimplemented using the old interface as inspiration. Although the new UI has many features the old one didn’t, we have not (yet) reimplemented every feature the old one had.

More information on this change can be found here: Brand new chart editor at!📣

Any update as to if/when this feature will return?

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