AIO Components suffix still needed?

Hi there!
I followed the link for AIO Component. I tested with the simplest MarkdownWithColorAIO example on the page. I was curious whether I really needed the AIO suffix, which was suggested by the page. And my page still works after removing AIO suffix.

So now my question is: what’s the difference with and without AIO?

I read the following on the page:
1. **AIOSuffix** - Component names are suffixed withAIO("All-in-One"). For example,DataTableAIOorMarkdownWithColorAIO. This suffix indicates to other Dash developers that it is an "All-in-One" component.

So is the difference only for documentation purpose? And I’m curious what API difference should I expect? Thanks!

The AIO suffix is just a convention. You can name it anything you like; it’s just that to other Dash developers, it may be clearer that it’s an all-in-one component if the suffix is there. The name has no effect on how it behaves.

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