Ag-Grid show text when hover

Hi , and a happy new yeas!
I have a question regarding dash_ag_grid, in my grid I have a few columns that I do not want to vary in width, however the content in some cells is clearly too long for the cell, I am desperately looking for a way that when I move my mouse over the column the whole text is displayed, here is an example of a column.
{“field”: “Next step”, ‘hide’: False, ‘suppressMovable’:True, “minWidth”: 120, “pinned”: ‘left’,},
Thank You!

Hi @Patrick7

You can add a simple text tooltip using the tooltipField prop like this:

{“field”: “Next step”, ‘hide’: False, ‘suppressMovable’:True, “minWidth”: 120, “pinned”: ‘left’, "tooltipField": "Next step"},

If you would like to add more formatting to the tooltip, you can use a custom component:

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