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After upgrade to chart_studio, API key no longer works

I have a paid Personal plan and just upgraded to chart_studio. After doing this, I made sure to set my credentials file via:‘my_username’, api_key=‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXX’)

However, when attempting to publish a chart to the cloud via:

import chart_studio.plotly as py

py.plot(data, filename = ‘basic-line’, auto_open=True)

I get a “PlotlyRequestError: Bad API key”. I regenerated the API key via the GUI and it’s still the same behavior.


Having the same problem on my raspberry Pi using python.
copied and pasted my API from
I generate this file and it looks like below. with

import chart_studio’'my user name from charts", api_key=‘my API key’)

sudo nano ~/.plotly/.credentials

“username”: “*****”,
“stream_ids”: ,
“api_key”: “*************”,
“proxy_username”: “”,
“proxy_password”: “”