Adjusting the scale in a mixed plotly plot

I wanted to display two datasets interactively, but unfortunately the other dataset is blowing out of scale to the extent that it ends up blowing up and making the other plot not visible. Having looked at, The line and bar graph seems to show what I wanted to display, moreof the changes in the temperature and the amount of rainfall in the bar plots vs time. Is there a way to create another Y axis for the bar plot and they share the x axis (time)the bar plot below.

Check out these tutorials on multiple axes and subplots with shared axes

Thanks @chriddyp for the suggestion. The challenge I am having now is suppose the bar plot is running into the milions, is there a way to adjust its scale so that its restrited to the bottom. If possible was looking at your response to Hide/show graph based on drop down selections and my thought was is it possible to have an interactive hover that is between the two plots. The best example for such a plot is Bloomberg, where they have a hover over multiple interactive plots. With plotly I havent seen such exept these ones but the challenge is now seperating the plots and mantaining the interactive nature they have. If I were to append the subplots wouldnt be interactive. This was more of me trying to solve Two graphs one Hover by merely adjusting the scale of the other plot so it is restricted to the bottom of the plot. Can I also add this Vertical or/and horizontal line that is always shown in any hovermode #2155, but to that adding a subgraphs just like bloomberg would be interesting