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Adequate function(s) in Plotly to display result of pairwise alignment

I want to use Plotly so as to compare two DNA sequences at first , then so as to diplay the result of the pairwise alignment for one sequence vs multi sequences . I wonder if there is adequate function(s) in Plotly. If so, please inform me of the example(s) and/or the reference(s).

Hi @yuki, could you post a screenshot or drawing of the kind of plot you have in mind? That way you may be able to get some help from folks who don’t have experience with pairwise DNA sequence visualization :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear Jon;

I’d like to thank you for paying attention to my inquiry. I borrowed the shown-below figure from DOI: 10.1186/1742-4690-4-80.

I want to draw this type of figure, which will let us get deeper knowledge on biology. Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,


Hi @yuki,

A lot of the components of this plot map directly to constructs

Shapes (red rectangles):
Pie Chart:

The parts that don’t correspond as well are the labeled groups on the y-axis of the heatmaps…

and the diagrams below each heatmap

Hope that helps!

Dear Jon;

Thank you for your instruction. I have carefully investigated the examples in your shown-below lists. If I would have sufficient knowledge and understanding about Plotly and Python, I might try to create the figure such as x axis : DNA(RNA) sequences, y axis: each gene z: degree of similarity. I will continue to investigate so that biologists can easily recognize similarity among genes in their interest through Plotly graphics better than NCBI BLAST. I am very glad to continuously get your guidance if it is acceptable to you.

Best regards,


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