Addition of button inhibits plot display [solved]

I have an app, where I display interactive graphs that worked pretty well.
I recently added a button that takes the graph as an input and saves it as a .svg file.
This does work, the graph gets created and saved, but it is not displayed in the app anymore.
I added the relevant sections of the code below, I really have no idea where even to start with this.
I don’t understand why the button suddenly inhibits display of the graph.

#relevant part of the app layout
                     #calling the graph 
                     children= [html.Div([
                                     #graph for showing data
                                     html.Div([html.P('Graph Display: '),
                                               html.Div([dcc.Graph(id='migration_data', )],
                                          className= 'six columns'),
#appcallback for graph creation.
@app.callback([Output('migration_data', 'figure'),
               Output('graph_storage', 'data')],
              [Input('plot_button', 'n_clicks')],
              [State('graph_selector', 'value'),
               State('classifier_choice', 'value'),
               State('identifier_selector', 'value'),
               State('timepoint_selector', 'value'),
               State('data_selector', 'value'),
               State('distance_filter', 'value'),
               State('graph_storage', 'data'),
               State('graph_reuse', 'value'),
               State('flag_filter', 'value'),
               State('unique_time_selector', 'value'),
               State('flag_storage', 'data'),
               State('track_length_selector', 'value'),
               State('exclude_seen', 'value'),
               State('pattern_storage', 'data')])
#newly added callback for saving as svg.
@app.callback(Output('plot_save_button', 'children'),
      [Input('plot_save_button', 'n_clicks')],
      [State('migration_data', 'figure'),
       State('save_path', 'value'),
       State('graph_selector', 'value')],)
def download_svg(n_clicks, migration_data, save_path, graph_selector):
    #if the path dictates a csv file, the filename will be replaced
    #by an appropriate graph name
    if path.endswith('.csv'):
        path=AD.go_one_up(path, mode='file')
        path=os.path.join(path, filename)
    #if path does not end in svg, add appropriate filename
    if path.endswith('.svg')!=True:
        path=os.path.join(path, filename)
    print('file saved under', path)
    return 'Download plot as svg'

Hi @Snizl if you want us to investigate the problem, please share here a minimal standalone app (using dummy data) so that we can run the app.

Hey Emmanuelle,
thank you for offering help. I fixed the problem myself. Actually it was more stupid than I’d like to admit. Took me a couple hours of trying to revert things to see where the problem was until I found out that it actually was just another option in my app that I had unknowingly activated… Guess I should add an appropriate warning in the output.