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Adding datapoint text names to volcano plot?


I’m trying to visualize gene expression data using volcano plots. My dataset includes x (LOGFC), y (negLOGFDR), colour (by SIGFOLD) and gene name columns. I’d like to have gene names displayed next to each data point (as seen in the final image).
I find that I cannot reliably get text to appear in the “Style/Traces” tab (see images). Most of the time I only see “display lines/points” but not “display lines/points/text” in that tab.
Is there a way to call the text function and keep it working?

Thank you!

Did you select a column for “text” under Create?

Hi, I’m not sure I know which field this would be. I only see “hover text”- but that’s not what i’m looking for as this option would only allow to see text on hover?plotly3|690x423