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Adding boolean elements to datatable

Hello, I currently have a datatable of usernames and passwords for users on my dash app, admins are able to edit these things (to add new users/reset passwords etc.). I want the admins to be able to flag a user with admin privileges. I’m using the open source version of dash so I don’t have access to the authentication module. My current solution is a column in the table which contains the word “true” or “false” requiring the user to type it in. Obviously this very not user friendly, looking at the new release of dash_table 4.6.0, it seems like there is the “markdown” and “dropdown” options available, I haven’t seen any examples of how to use these so that would be great. Ideally, I’d like to use something along the lines of a dash_daq.ToggleSwitch or just a checkbox, but even a button that I can turn red or green would be better than my current solution. Any help is appreciated!