Add traces one by one with animation, like a growing gif


I have downloaded the HydroRIVERS_v10 datasets. It consists of millions of river branches around the world. When loaded into a geodataframe, each row has the id of the row it feeds and the last row before reaching the sea. If you see it backwards, it’s like a tree each branch is connected to subbranches. Each row also contains the discharge and the geometry. I can ignore smaller branches and draw wider the branches with more discharge.

What I want to do is to add these branches one by one, and show this generation. Click on the map and select downstream of upstream and pfshew. Maybe just draw the surrounding rivers to a point and ask the user to pick one.

I know this has been done 10254 times, but hey, we’re here to learn and we best learn when we do what we love.

I also have had further ideas for a very long time. I want to couple this dataset with population and elevation (I have done stuff on those datasets already).

Can you help with adding traces or making a trace grow with animation ?
Think of a tree, and the branches and leaves just add to eachother (but don’t move).

HI @hmiemad, sounds interesting.

Did you already start with this and have a specific question? Do you want to use Dash for the interactive part (at least I understood, there is an interactive part)?

Right now it might be difficult to help you. Maybe you could add some information. :slight_smile: