Add shape to plot without affecting axis or data?


I’m working on a project where I’d like to have a user select a partition split point on a histogram with a number field, and for a vertical line to appear at whatever value they select. Everything works perfectly, except that the shapes appear to affect the display of other data!

See the images below for reference. In the first, we have a log plot of a histogram. In the second, the same log plot has a split point added, and you can see that the differences between bars has been squished due to the addition of the vertical line.

Is it possible to add a vertical line like in the second image above, but without affecting other plot elements?

Thanks for any insight!


Hmm. That shouldn’t been the case. Would you mind sharing the data/layout attributes you used to generate your graph? It is very hard for anyone to debug by looking at a screenshot.

Hello Etienne, Thanks for your reply. I was unaware this was a bug and thought it was user error. I will DM you with the relevant code.

Not a good way to dm, you should post after all it’s discussion forum