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Academic Research Pricing


My name is Xiaoli Yan. I am an academic researcher from Applied Research Institute, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

We would like to have a Plotly group account(3 users) for academic research. I noticed that we cannot use a student account for research purpose, and a professional account might be a bit excessive. I wonder if Plotly can offer us something between a professional account and a student account.

Thank you.

Best wishes,
Xiaoli Yan

You can definitely use a student account for academic research, as long as you have a university email.

Hello Jack,

Thank you for your reply. We would like to purchase 3 student accounts.

We have one more question. University purchases usually go through other payment systems instead of credit card.

Does Plotly have a procedure for handling university/organization ordering? If so, would you be so kind to send us more information on this, please.

Thank you.

Xiaoli Yan

accounts at plot dot ly