Absolute value tick text for axes WITHOUT setting text by hand


I’ve been all over the internet and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to make the axis tick text be the absolute value. I know I can do this by hand via tickvals and ticktext, but I’m generating plots using callbacks in Dash and I absolutely do not want to do this.

d3 formatting seems to be the most promising option, if I can treat the tick mark (eg: x= -5000) as a string and simply remove the leading - . I don’t think this treats values as strings however, so I am lost. Any ideas on how to do this, using the automatically generated tick text labels? (by the way, as opposed to in matplotlib, I also cannot get these values for some reason. if I could, that would be an acceptable solution as well since I could then re-format those and then use them to update the trace ticktext)