A Dash App to demonstrate the biases and predictability of our world [update]

Hi everyone,
I love working with Plotly-Dash and part of it is because of this helpful community :slightly_smiling_face:. So I’d like to share with you’ll the project I have been working on lately.

Numbers Prophecy - An online experiment to demonstrate the biases and predictability of our world.

A research based data analysis project on the empirical laws that have predicted the behaviour of human languages, information, natural pheonomena and technological advancements. These studies and laws are termed as Statistical Empirical Laws

Update : I finally got time to re-work on the layout and add references to the datasources used.

Below are the screenshots of few sections from my app -


Hi @atharvakatre thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Do you plan to have a look at Pareto’s law as well?

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I remember when you first showed this to me Atharva :slight_smile:

If someone told me about Benford’s Law in a conversaion, I would say that it doesn’t make sense. But when the data is visualized, it’s easier to accept and it gives some validation to it

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@davi Yes Pareto’s Law is another fascinating one.
I have it on the roadmap, currently searching for quality data sources to back this one.

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