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A bunch of feedback

Hey guys, hope all is well. Haven’t seen your weekly email in a month!

The tool is coming along. Hope growth and monetization is coming along! Some points of feedback:

  1. The left wizard to create a plot is pretty good, except intuitively I expect the plot creation button (currently at the top) to be at the bottom. My reasoning is my workflow goes down vertically - I select all my options, and then I want to press a ‘go’ button at the bottom. Instead, the “Insert into” dropdown merely selects the kind of behavior for chart insertion, rather than make it actually happen.
  2. Also, the flat styling of the chart creation button makes it ambiguous that it’s the “go” button (i.e. action button). It seems like it could merely be a header, perhaps because it’s centered, and because the “choose as X/Y/Z” option buttons are similarly styled as headers and behave as toggle switches rather than “go” buttons. The fix to make it clear that this is a “go button” could be to insert an icon inside the button to the left of the text.
  3. I created a custom theme for myself and applied it to a new graph. The following settings did not transfer even though I wanted them to: 1) lines/marker …with text setting 2) trace marker size 3) text position 4) show closest data on hover toggle
  4. I’m confused about saving behavior. I expect to be able to save an entire “workbook” like in Excel and Tableau, but it appears the save function only saves a single worksheet?
  5. The Share popup right after chart creation seems premature. I usually want to see how the graph turned out and customize the data vis parameters before sharing it out. But then, after I’m happy with the way the graph looks, the share button is not very visible (halfway down left column). Seems like if you think sharing is important enough to disrupt the UX with a popup, the share button should be much more prominent in the UI, such as being placed in a top corner with visible text and/or contrasting color.

Here’s the plot I’m playing with, in case you’re interested in sharp knives. :slight_smile:



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All make sense to me as well.