3D Streaming : z coordonate


I was wondering if it is possible to do a streaming in 3D ?
When i try to add a z coordonate i have this message : “invalid:\n\n{1}”.format(stream_object[‘type’], err)
plotly.exceptions.PlotlyError: Part of the data object with type, ‘scatter’, is invalid. This will default to ‘scatter’ if you do not supply a ‘type’. If you do not want to validate your data objects when streaming, you can set ‘validate=False’ in the call to ‘your_stream.write()’. Here’s why the object is invalid:

‘z’ is not allowed in ‘scatter’

Path To Error: [‘z’]

Valid attributes for ‘scatter’ at path [] under parents []:

['fill', 'name', 'stream', 'fillcolor', 'line', 'tsrc', 'legendgroup',
'text', 'dx', 'idssrc', 'y0', 'opacity', 'hoverinfo', 'rsrc', 'xsrc',
't', 'error_x', 'type', 'textfont', 'dy', 'visible', 'mode', 'error_y',
'ids', 'y', 'showlegend', 'x', 'xaxis', 'yaxis', 'uid', 'x0', 'ysrc',
'connectgaps', 'r', 'textpositionsrc', 'textsrc', 'marker',
'textposition', 'hoveron']

Is there a way to avoid this ?
I haven’t find anything about it yet.

Thanks !

Here’s an example: https://github.com/etpinard/plotly-misc-nbs/blob/master/lorenz-eqs.ipynb