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3D scatter traces disappeared


I have noticed that my 3d scatter that I created 3 months ago is not working anymore. Althoud the data is there (when i hover i see the tooltip), however the points are not visible. I tried also other public 3d scatters and the same issue exists. Could you please help me?

Thank you,

That sounds strange indeed… I’m able to create and see this plot just fine, are you?

Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for your fast reply,
Yes, I’m able to see your plot. However, I realized (in my pc at least!) that in my plot I had opacity 80% for the points. If I change the opacity of the traces or the points from 100% to >=99%, the points disappear (see the attached pictures).

Many thanks,

That’s interesting… What hardware are you running on? This isn’t what I’m seeing on a 2105 Macbook Pro.

I’ve checked it in my PC at work and it works fine whatever opacity I choose. So, it is probably a hardware problem. I have a 2013 HP laptop. I will use 100% opacity.

Thanks again.