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0's are truncated in the 'hover text'


I have created a scatter plot graph through a series of data set. In my data set there are few records such as the below,
Tuesday, 12.10

When these data sets are mapped in the graph and when mouse is hovered on that data point, it shows as **“Monday, 11.3” and “Tuesday, 12.1” The trailing 0’s are truncated, please suggest if there is a way to overcome this. I would like to show the 0’s as well in my graph.

Hmm. Strange. I can’t replicate this.

Can you share a reproducible example?

HI Etienne,

Please find the below link for sample example with data. Let me know if you have any workarounds.

Ah I see. Using an API, you can do using the yaxis.tickformat attribute. I’m not sure if tickformat can be set in the workspace at the moment though.